Create Application user for Dynamics CRM 365


Create Application user for Dynamics CRM 365

If you ever need a service user for some kind of data interface between Dynamics CRM 365 and some other system, you might want to use application users for accessing Dynamics data.

Application users have one huge advantage: You do NOT need an extra license!!!

In the following post I’ll show you step by step how you create an application user in Azure and later on in Dynamics CRM 365.

In the first step we need to create an App registration in Azure. Every application (in our case the an external data interface). This application will get assigned the application user(s).

1.Therefore open the Azure portal

2. Navigate to Azure Active Directory

azure active directory

3. Select App Registrations

app registration

4. Select New registration

new registration

Enter all the required data.

5. Navigate to API permissions

6. Click on Add a permission

7. In the opened window (tab ‚Microsoft APIs‘) select Dynamics CRM

8. Select the user_impersonation and click on Add permissions

9. Navigate to Certificates & Secrets

10. Click on New client secret, add a description and an expiration date.

11. Copy the secret, we will use it later in the Dynamics 365 CRM.

12. Copy the Application ID of the application we just created

We now are done in the Azure Portal and switch to the Dynamics CRM 365.

13. Open Dynamics 365, navigate to Settings -> Security -> Users

14. Switch to the system view Application Users

15. Insert the Application Id / Client Secret you copied in step 11. and 12.

16. Save user.

The user can now be used in your data inferface!

Happy coding!